The restaurant does do justice to its large space, serving a delectable range of traditional Sri Lankan, Oriental and Western dishes that would leave you wanting more. The hotel sources fresh vegetables and fruits (including organically grown produce), as well as fish and red meats for its dishes, from close by villages to ensure you of their high quality and freshness. It's well stocked bar served by friendly barmen is a place to relax, and sip your choice of beverage. Why not make friends and set your spirit free at the pool bar or on the lawn? Offering you a choice of location for your thirst-quencher, the hotel caters to providing you with a memorable holiday.

Cozy Bar

This is the perfect outdoor venue to unwind, after an adventurous safari at Yala. Enjoy the cool breeze and lush green vegetation in the open-to-nature bar that borders a beautiful pond with a spectacular view of the landscaped garden. Pick your favorite drink from a wide range of leading international spirits. Let the soft piped music and the enchanting ambience enthrall and enchant as you leisurely sip from a wide array of cocktails served by skilled barmen who promise to make the moment a memorable one.

Cuisine that's goanna make your taste buds go mad. Freshly prepared and wholesome meals, served with a smile. Eastern, Western, Fusion or Sri Lankan, you name it and it will be served just the way you like it. Meal times at Chaarya Resort & Spa are a gastronomical expedition that you will never get tired of.